Neural Art!

Some time ago, a new neural algorithm came out (detailed in this paper) which allows people to transform a picture/painting/image using the style of another image (I used images of paintings, mostly).


Here are a few images I have made so far:


Basically, the algorithm decomposes each of the two images (the style and the content) into layers of information (shapes, colors, lines, etc.) and then tries to apply each layer of the style to the corresponding layer of the content. It is a very intensive computation : about 1000s for a 512×512 on the CPU or 10s on the GPU, however unless you have a graphic card with lots of memory you will not be able to create very high resolution images (mine crashed over 600×600 for lack of RAM).

The code is available there:

The link to the gallery.

First app published!

I have published my first app on Google Play recently. Optimal Lottery Picker picks for you random lottery number via a custom algorithm which picks rare sequences, so that if you win, you do not have to share your gains! The app is completely free and is available for android phones!

If your lottery is not listed, you can use the “Custom Lottery” to define your own lottery with any combination!


I developed Optimal Lottery Picker mostly to learn how to code, publish and promote apps. This was my first time programming in Java (I am more used to C++ and Matlab) and it was frankly pretty straightforward coming from C++. I think the best online resource I found about it was this website (this page is about in app-billing).